Creative Partnership School
We will work with you and your school over a 3 year period. Our approach will empower and develop an in-house skill base to allow a continuous regeneration of new approaches to teaching and learning.  Read more Creative Partnership

Enhancing Creativity across the Curriculum
A day long development session for people working within education. This day covers a range of topics:  creativity skills, curriculum design, becoming comfortable working in the unknown and thinking differently.  Read more Enhancing Creativity

Immersive learning projects
We will engage with your staff team to create an exciting interdisciplinary experience for your pupils.  We have created new planets, slept for 100 years, and renamed a town.  When anything is possible, and little is fixed, you invite people to participate and give permission to be creative.  Read more Immersive Learning

Hidden Giants Associates
Our associates are highly skilled and trained practitioners. We are able to connect the right practitioner to your school’s needs.  Hidden Giants associates have undergone our creative practitioner training programme and are connected to the body of the company.  Read more Our Associates