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Creativity and participation are highly successful at raising pupil attainment, and support children and young people to develop the skills needed to be active participants in shaping their communities and wider society.

As schools face relentless pressure from multiple stakeholders, Hidden Giants offers support, inspiration, and structure for education professionals to purposefully and measurably embrace culture change to improve everyone’s experience of education.



We create bespoke programmes to address the individual needs you and your student’s have.

Whether you have a specific goal to work towards or simply want to increase student engagement and attainment, our creative teaching techniques are a future proof way to achieve excellence and equity.  Whilst the programmes are bespoke, we expect that they will include some of the following:

Monthly sessions
with the SLT

We use visual facilitation techniques to help you and your SLT unearth and explore your school culture, traditions, and values.  Through these exercises we will identify key focus areas that will become our measurable outcomes.

Sessions to engage your full school community.

We will use a variety of visual and dialogic facilitation tools to explore key themes connected to the agreed outcomes. Sessions include: 

  • Who are we?
  • Becoming a Brave Teacher
  • Working with Uncertainty
  • and Developing a Sustainable Practice

Sessions to allow teachers to focus on their classroom practice and curriculum design.

We will host 2 or 3 teachers fortnightly to engage in coaching sessions inspired by ongoing curriculum development with their classes.  We will develop an ethos of professional learning and dialogue to nurture a sustainable culture of change.

Create a final evaluation of agreed benchmarks of key outcomes/statistics including:

  • teacher well-being,
  • family engagement,
  • national testing and attainment figures,
  • happiness and well‑being

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