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“ I know that the impact you have made on the P5/6/7 teacher has been very worthwhile and she has stated that out of all the CLPL that she engaged in this session her work with Hidden Giants has had the most impact and changes to her thinking and practice.”

Head Teacher Creative Partnership: Curriculum Design

“Within track 4 of our attainment records I have been able to increase a number of children’s engagement level from either a Red to an Amber or an Amber to a Green.”

Teacher Creative Partnership: Curriculum Design

"I have a specific child in my class who I would consider ‘high tariff’ in relation to behaviour. I have observed significant improvements regarding his behaviour and I believe that the work I have completed with Hidden Giants is part of the reason why. He would leave the class daily and refuse to take part in activities. His engagement within all areas has improved and has only left the class twice since January."

Teacher Creative Partnership: Curriculum Design



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