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Imagine a world without a regular power source: no hot water for your shower, no light to do your homework, and no electricity to play your new Xbox game.  This fictional nightmare will one day be reality if we don’t take action today. The area of Fossoway has been identified as an ideal location for […]

NASA has discovered a new planet in our solar system.  Initial probes have suggested the surface is rich in minerals, water and natural gases. With this detection comes the potential of colonization. NASA has suggested the first inhabitants will not reach the planet until the year 2030.  The Intergalactic Affairs department of NASA has decided the […]

In June Hidden Giants and West Lothian Creative Learning Network will host Scotland’s first ‘Failing in Education’ conference as part of the 2015 Emporium of Dangerous Ideas.   The daylong event will take place at Howden Park centre and contain voices of those who have failed or are failing in West Lothian schools and beyond.

Over the past couple of years I’ve introduced Isaac, my step-son, to gardening.   Despite not having a physical space which could be considered a recognisable garden we were undeterred and commandeered a small corner of the car park at the bottom of our flats.  My step-son has ASD and can become frustrated easily so gardening […]

Experimentation is only possible when you have encountered and reflected on similar experiences – leading to new moments of disruptions. It is therefore cyclical as each new experience should inspire a new experiment.  You should have the ability to hypothesise the outcomes whilst remaining curious enough to presume there will be other findings.    The experiment […]

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