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Recently, we invited 29 educational professionals from an inner-city primary school, to go for a silent walk with us. The purpose of the walk was to facilitate a conversation around the curriculum, and teacher agency. But what actually happened was completely unexpected. As seasoned educational facilitators, practitioners and consultants, we knew it was something amazing.

Not knowing what to do can be uncomfortable – if left long enough it can be distressing. We like knowing what happens next; cliff hangers only work because they suspend time encouraging us to come back for more to discover what happens next. We love weather forecasts to discover if it will be sunny tomorrow. […]

Hidden Giants and West Lothian Creative Learning Network will dare to take an alternative approach to addressing the current big issues in education: curriculum design, raising attainment, and participation. We invite education professionals to join us, to collectively reposition our thinking and challenge our core beliefs. We propose meeting in everyday spaces on three different […]

My step-son, amongst a number of other conditions, is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He finds it difficult to deal with uncertainty and change. Hence, as I sit here and type this blog we are dealing with heightened confusion arising from school being cancelled due to the snow. As other children find fun in […]

“Optimism of the action, is better than the pessimism of the thought”  Greenpeace Engrained in our work is the belief we need to embrace failure and accept risk as part of the every day.  This mind-set can only be actioned from a position of strength and confidence.  We must believe in the risk before we […]

Hidden Giants has worked in partnership with Dunning primary in Perth & Kinross since January 2015.  The residency has generated incredible conversations in the classrooms, the staff room and further afield.  It has provoked my thinking and refined my approach.    Through our work there are two key strands which I thought it would be worth […]

A few years ago I was producing a theatre company in residence at a school in Inverclyde.  We had been working closely with the English department who suggested the 5th year pupils could do with a different approach to understanding Chekov.  In response we invited a highly regarded and experienced director to work with the […]

I recall wandering through the back streets of Barcelona in 2008 at 1am with a fellow traveler and her friend on one of my European adventures.  We were lost but didn’t want to admit it.  We were searching for somewhere to have a final drink.  The streets became tighter, darker and occupied by shadows intent […]

A mystery has lain dormant for centuries in the heart of Dunning.  As children play between the gravestones of the local church something far more revealing lies underneath its steeple.  Historians have always believed the markings on the Dupplin Cross connected Scotland to France but were unable to find the key that would unlock its […]

A man walks into morning assembly; he looks confused and has obviously been sleeping rough.  He stumbles to the front of the room. He begins to speak, his voice is slurred and words aren’t making sense.  He speaks of an experiment in the local hospital, something he signed up for but didn’t appreciate the consequences.  He has been trying to escape […]

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