Hidden Giants is led by its Creative Director Paul Gorman.  He has over 20 years of experience of working in the cultural and learning sector as a freelance practitioner, project manager, lecturer, fundraiser and now strategist.  Established in 2014, Hidden Giants’ impact has been rapid and significant – it is already regarded as Scotland’s leading creative learning organisation.  Its work is delivered across Scotland and Internationally in Nurseries, Primaries, Secondary’s, Further Education colleges and Universities.


What we do:

Hidden Giants is an education consultancy agency that collaborates with teachers, practitioners and policy makers. We support schools to re-imagine their curriculum by placing disruptive, creative and critical thinking at its heart.   Our partnerships can be seen as experiments to improve everyone’s experience of education.



Education policies and directives issued to better position schools for the emerging challenges of the 21st century recognise the importance of Creativity and the skills it encompasses:  imagination, innovation, curiosity, self-discipline, resilience, risk-taking, persistence, & critical thinking (CfE & HGIOS4).  But with schools subject to ever-increasing evidential exposure and pressure to deliver measurable results, how can education professionals successfully implement Creativity?

Many aspects of formal education continue to be influenced by remnants of ideology and practices designed to serve the requirements of a previous industrial age.  Until very recently, curriculum and pedagogy could traditionally be anchored to the knowns of teachers’ pasts, safe in the knowledge that this would be appropriate for pupils’ futures.   But in the age of globalisation, digital innovation and ‘massive change’, this can no longer be the case.

Hidden Giants is contributing to the emerging body of current academic research which argues that Creativity and Creative Learning are both highly successful at raising pupil attainment, and support children and young people to develop the skills needed to be active participants in shaping their communities and wider society.

‘The benefits of creativity are being increasingly recognised.  It is related to improved motivation, self-esteem and, thereby, learning achievement”.   – Influential global educationalist, Pasi Sahlberg.

As schools face relentless pressure from multiple stakeholders, Hidden Giants offers support, inspiration and structure for education professionals to purposefully and measurably embrace Creativity in new, progressive ways of learning, teaching and managing.

Hidden Giants programmes enable:

  • Greater sensitivity and openness to new ideas
  • Solving problems using alternative approaches and techniques
  • Heightened desire for exploration and discovery
  • More willing and able co-operation
  • Better learners




2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Thank you for this deeply thought provoking outline of your understanding of learning. It resonates hugely with my own. As a primary HT I am passionate about supporting youngsters in discovering their personal ‘starting points.’ I have found age 8ish very significant in this journey of self discovery. I am implementing ‘Aspire-ring Programme’ by Alan McLean with P4-P7s. Would love to share/discuss.

  2. Having just completed ‘Creative Change Makers’ with Hidden Giants and National Galleries of Scotland, I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. He brings a fresh, stimulating approach that is coupled with a great depth of knowledge of education as well as the arts. Truly transformative if you dare to dig deep and question yourself!

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