This week we are excited to collaborate with two internationally recognised and outstanding Scottish cultural organisations: Room 13 from Fort William and Jupiter Artland on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Our event is part of the brilliant Firestarer festival curated by the Scottish Government. We will gather 30 people at Jupiter for an afternoon of brainwash proofing in an attempt to be the architects of a new education system. Here’s some more information:

“If you brainwash someone, you force them to believe something by continually telling them that it is true, and preventing them from thinking about it properly.” Collins Dictionary

What if, at the heart of our education system was not creativity, innovation, entrepreneurialism, or even pupil-led learning, but instead a desire to prevent brainwashing in our learners? Before anything else we must ensure that brainwash proofing was happening in every lesson plan, every interaction with a child, every conversation with a colleague, every meeting with parents, and in every photocopied twinkle resource. You have been given permission to challenge the dogma, question the status-quo, interrogate the orthodoxies, rewrite the folklore, and liberate those stagnating in a state of learned helplessness.

But what do you do now? Maybe this doesn’t apply to you. Maybe you are doing ok with what you are given. Maybe you can’t make those kinds of decisions. Maybe your SMT wouldn’t like it. Maybe the parents would complain. Maybe the pupils would mis-behave. Maybe it’s society’s fault. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe you’ve been brainwashed.

Room 13, Jupiter Artland and Hidden Giants are excited about the prospect of creating an education system that has brainwash proofing at its heart.

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Paul Gorman

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