Time to Listen

Recently Hidden Giants devoted a morning to work with the entire staff of a large primary school – a school the size of three, four or five primary schools.

We asked the staff to place themselves into their teams – their own notion of who they worked with, in their perceived role(s) within the school. We saw a group of 40 people immediate disperse and rearrange themselves into specialist areas.

Hidden Giants have long-spoken about how ‘grooves’ can become ‘ruts’. Literally, when we get into the ‘groove’ and things start to work in our favour, the constant movement backwards and forwards gradually wears the groove into a rut. A rut has steep sides that keep us penned in. Perhaps the sides also start work like blinkers on a horse. (See our recent post about becoming ’Trapped in a Polytunnel’.)

We facilitated a simple intervention to disrupt these self-determined team groups. We asked these new ‘teams’ to take the time listen to each other.

Thirty minutes later, many told us it was one of their most valuable learning experiences.  Many expressed their amazement at what they hadn’t previously known about their colleagues – and themselves.  Of course, the teams (new or old) are all one big team – all wanting the same thing.

We didn’t tell anyone anything. They told themselves, when they found the time to listen.

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