Save our Fossoway

Imagine a world without a regular power source: no hot water for your shower, no light to do your homework, and no electricity to play your new Xbox game.  This fictional nightmare will one day be reality if we don’t take action today. The area of Fossoway has been identified as an ideal location for the newest form of renewable energy – Hydromatic power.  It’s clean, highly effective and top secret.

Fossoway has a unique geography which provides the perfect location for the world’s first Hydromatic Power station to be built in 2025. The only small issue is that Fossoway will be covered by 30ft of water – it will lie at the bottom of a massive reservoir.  Do we surrender the local area to ensure that Perth and Kinross has a regular source of power or is there something worth saving in Fossoway?

School:  Fossoway Primary CfE:  Science, Literacy, Global Citizenship, Social Sciences, Expressive Arts, etc

“The level of engagement with the project was astounding.  The pupils have obviously learned an incredible amount about renewable energy, but the value of the experience as a whole is impossible to calculate.”

Chairperson of the Fossoway Primary Parent Council after recent project

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