A man walks into morning assembly; he looks confused and has obviously been sleeping rough.  He stumbles to the front of the room. He begins to speak, his voice is slurred and words aren’t making sense.  He speaks of an experiment in the local hospital, something he signed up for but didn’t appreciate the consequences.  He has been trying to escape the research team for the past two days.  They want him back.

For the past 4 months he has been kept in a room in the hospital.  The doctors are trying to make him sleep for longer periods of time – the last experiment lasted 35 days.  He suggests they are trying to create a drug to make the elite of the population sleep to avoid the problems the world will face over the next 20 years.

He pulls out a pen drive he has stolen and shows them a slide show of statistics and graphs that demonstrate the financial and human disasters that will take place. The man is suddenly startled – a van pulls up outside. A group of scientist jump out and head to the front door.  The man pleads for help and encourages them to work with the scientists but only to prove his story and get information to the media.  He scrambles under the stage, all is quiet. The door at the back of the hall bursts open. Pairs of teachers and scientists are demanding the pupils don’t speak and start dividing them into small groups.   The nightmare has begun . . . .

School:  Perth Grammar CfE links:  Science, Literacy, HWB, Social Sciences, & Citizenship

“In terms of my own practice it was inspiring to be part of and to observe adults getting excited about a learning experience they were planning for the pupils”  Michael Conlon DHT

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